Frequently Asked Questions

Is AccentFree a form of neo-colonialism?
Not at all. The basic technology behind our apps works for all human languages. We are offering English and French initially simply because we began in Western Canada and those are our two official languages. We plan to offer other languages as soon as possible. Indeed, our Global Learning XPrize team prototypes supports both Swahili and English.

We are also in discussions with academics at the University of Alberta to use AccentFree’s technology to help preserve languages and dialects at risk of disappearing and even regional accents of more prevalent languages.

Supposing you were raised in California speaking English or Spanish. We want to give you the opportunity to visit anyplace in the world and be able to speak the language there in a way that is intelligible and familiar to the people living in that region. Conversely, if someone were to move to California, we want to give them the same opportunity to speak English and Spanish with their regional accents specific to California.

Ok, so why AccentFree?

Recent research shows that accents can influence how we perceive the person we are speaking with. This applies to newcomers around the world, whether the person is arriving in North America or for example arriving in Asia, Europe, Africa, South America, Oceania.

We are providing a tool and set of services that people can use to help modify their accent if they choose for their personal life objectives.

AccentFree is dedicated to levelling the playing field for anyone whose mother tongue is different from the main language(s) being spoken in their current location. That could mean someone who has moved someplace new, or is visiting, or is even travelling to a place briefly.